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The 1.25 provided much easier access to spin compared to 1.30. Since control and power were pretty close this difference in spin potential was the deciding factor for me. 1.25 still provides lots of control on flat shots so I was very happy and on topspin shots and slices spin was clearly greater. In fact, I was very close to moving back to Focus Hex or CoFocus from 4G 1.30 because of 1.30's lower spin potential.

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Wilson Sensation 1.30 vs 1.25 A few key takeaways here are that there is almost no difference in stiffness, power, and spin potential between the gauges. The spin potential of a nylon string vs polyester is also quite far apart, but there are even stronger examples that I will use a post about spin.

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While there's no lower or upper limit for what the gauge of a string can be (of course it has to fit through the grommet hole in the racket) tennis string gauges typically range from 1.05 mm to 1.41 mm. The most commonly available are between 1.20-1.30 mm. Along with the millimetre measurement widely used in Europe, tennis string thickness is ...

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Luckily, string gauges have become more standardized, so although ranges exist for each gauge, some measurements are more common, e.g., a 16 gauge string is often 1.30 mm thick. However, there still is some variation that exists.

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Head Velocity MLT 16/1.30 String Pink. In ... Head Hawk Touch 17/1.25 String Anthracite ... makes it one of the best value polyesters at Tennis Warehouse." - Jonathan ...

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Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 17/1.25 String. ... Natural Gut 16/1.30 String. $29.99 $52 ... exaggerate the impact Babolat Touch VS has had on the game of tennis. It ...

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The number of tennis strings on the market is staggering. ... Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 17/1.25 String $ 42.95. ... Luxilon Big Banger Original 16/1.30 String ...

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0.406. 0. Instructions. Choose the two strings you want to compare. Comparison automatically appears when you change either string. Differences between strings are all shown as the percentage difference of string 2 to string 1. See Also: Similar Strings Tool. String Stiffness Tool.