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Bet on - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

v. 1. To place a bet of some amount on some event: I bet $5 on the first race of the evening. I'm not going to bet on the last race. 2. To place a bet of some amount on some participant in an event: We bet $200 on the home team, but they lost. Don't bet anything on me in this game; I'm not a very good player.

Bet on (someone or something) - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

bet on (someone or something) 1. To place a wager on someone or something. I bet on the winning horse! Which team did you bet on to win the Super... 2. To be certain that something will happen. Oh, you can bet on Kevin being late tonight—he's never on time! 3. To have confidence in one's or someone ...

What is another word for "bet on"?

bet on. Contexts. To have faith or confidence in. To bet money on (a person or animal) winning a race or contest. Verb. . To have faith or confidence in. rely on. bank on.

BE BETTING ON SOMETHING (phrase) definition and synonyms ...

be betting on something. phrase. DEFINITIONS 1. 1. to have a very strong hope that something will happen, so that this influences what you do. House buyers were betting on interest rates continuing to fall. Synonyms and related words. -.

BET ON Synonyms: 160 Synonyms & Antonyms for BET ON ...

bet on. as in assure. as in bank on. as in count on. as in count on/count upon. as in depend. as in lean. as in rely on. as in trust.

BET BIG ON STH/SB | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

to give a lot of support to something or someone, in a way that risks losing money or something else if they are not successful: Sponsors have found that betting big on one athlete is risky . SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

Bet Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

1 a : to stake on the outcome of an issue or the performance of a contestant. b : to be able to be sure that —usually used in the expression you bet you bet I'll be there. 2 a : to maintain with or as if with a bet. b : to make a bet with. c : to make a bet on. intransitive verb.

Can You Bet On Anything You Want To & How To Get Odds ...

There’s an old saying about the betting industry: if you can think about it then you can bet on it. Whilst that isn’t technically true, there are a wide range of things that you can place wagers on and the list extends to anything, as long as a bookmaker thinks that there’s a market. The event in question must have a definitive outcome and be a public event.